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What has come to be known as the “poly-crises” of Climate change, environmental destruction, deepening inequality and war leaves humanity staring at the abyss of possible extinction later this century. Though recognized for its seriousness by governments, nations and international organisations alike “the system” seems incapable of self-generating responses on a scale appropriate to the problem. Goodwill and (often) genuine effort in the form of seemingly endless initiatives, conferences and treaties only seem to leave us ever more trapped – like a man bound in wet ropes whose struggles to escape tighten the knots of his helplessness. Our contention is that a crucial part of the equation has been missing – the wisdom and science of the earth’s First Nations, whose input has been shamefully minimized in global efforts to combat the poly-crises at precisely the time when their wisdom of living as part of the planet is most needed. This paper addresses one part of that wisdom: Bridge Building between nations and draws heavily on the experience of the Kindred Spirits movement launched in Ireland in 2022.

2023 is clearly the moment in history for bridge-building among nations. The urgent need for this is taken as obvious for our purpose. Attracting little attention is the bridge-building among first nations which, we hold, can be the exemplar of universal re-membering- understood as reconstituting or reassembling that which has been dismembered.

Intra-continental bridge-building among first nations (“Intra-CBBFN” for short) is becoming increasingly common, though yet to make any significant impact in mainstream media or global power structures. Examples include the work of the Four Worlds International Institute (notably the recent and historic Union of the Eagle, Condor, Quetzal and Hummingbird), and the work led by Anne-Marie Voorhoeve centred at The Hague in the Netherlands. Perhaps the oldest and most celebrated example is the Choctaw Gift, the 175 anniversary of which was celebrated in Cork, Ireland in July 2022 with Kindred Spirits Ireland. 



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Kindred Spirits Sculpture

Our event and location is largely inspired by the wonderful “Kindred Spirit” Sculpture located in Midleton, Cork, Ireland.

An outdoor sculpture titled Kindred Spirits commemorates the link between Ireland and Native Americans. The sculpture by Irish artist Alex Pentek is a stainless steel structure of eagle feathers forming a circle and represents the gift of a bowl of food.

Kindred Spirits commemorates the 1847 donation by the Native American Choctaw People to Irish famine relief during the Great Hunger, despite the Choctaw themselves living in hardship and poverty and having recently endured the Trail of Tears. Irish donors are now citing that gesture as they help two tribes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This has an Irish drumbeat that carries a global resonance” says RTE.

*Please note that Kindred Spirits Ireland 2022, and KindredSpirits.Earth, have no formal or legal connection or even association at this point, with the creators or custodians of the Kindred Spirits Sculpture.

Amazing Must Watch Videos

Watch this beautiful, heartfelt interview below telling of how during covid, the Irish took their opportunity to repay thanks to the Native American people. Click here for more.

Here’s some more videos we believe, are a must see about the amazing human spirit that has inspired the upcoming event. We highly recommend checking out these videos here and be sure to come back as we will be making many updates in the coming weeks!